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I restarted my blog. It's a lot easier to have everything the way I want it when I don't have 2000+ followers that I don't need/60k posts I don't want to have anymore. So this is to starting over.

"I realized these were all the snapshots which our children would look at someday with wonder, thinking their parents had lived smooth, well-ordered lives and got up in the morning to walk proudly on the sidewalks of life, never dreaming the raggedy madness and riot of our actual lives, our actual night, the hell of it, the senseless emptiness."
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Freshman year:


Senior Year:


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disadvantages of having thick hair

  • your head is always 100000 degrees
  • shedding everywhere
  • snapping thin combs
  • spend $100 on dye if you want to color it
  • hair is still wet 2 years after you showered
  • styling your hair takes longer than growing it

advantages of having thick hair

  • ????

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you know you’re getting old when you watch the little mermaid and when ariel says “i’m 16 years old. i’m not a child anymore.” and you’re just sat there like yes you fucking are young lady stop it

The day you start agreeing with the parents in kids movies is the day it’s all over.

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Favorite Gossip Girl outfits - Serena Van Der Woodsen (part 1)

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So I decided today that if I save enough money I can get my thigh piece done in August. Then I realized I have two credit cards to pay monthly on top of car insurance, phone bill, gas, and food and decided that I’m gonna say fuck it and still get my thigh piece done in August. I’m really excited because this is the biggest tattoo I’ll have to date and I’m letting my artist completely design it and it’s gonna be colorful and adorable and I’m very excited about this.

—  For unhappy girls who like sitting in the sun (h.f.j.)

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